Internet and Television is provided by Cspire Snap

For Cspire service download the Cspire Residential Application and fax it to 601-384-8420 or you can try emailing it to

For more information call Cspire Fiber Department 855-438-1009

Please note if you call the local Cspire they will tell you they don’t offer service in Mineral Creek Landing.  Do not call the local Cspire. Please call the Fiber Department or follow the instructions on the application.  Service may take a few weeks to get established for new construction because the fiber is run to the house after application is received. Please allow two weeks.

Comcast is not available in Mineral Creek Landing



Southern Pines Electric    601-264-0185



Rawls Springs Utility District   601-268-2248

Rawls Springs Utility closes at 3pm.


Garbage Collection

Wastepro provides the garbage cans. Please call them at 601-264-7888
Collection is early on Fridays.